Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Helping our community: The Coast Guard

Mr Griggs showing us how we can keep our
 electronics safe when we are on a boat!

Putting on the right life jacket
We have been learning about how people help our community. What they do that make our community a safer and nicer place.

Today Mr Griggs came into Reremoana to talk to us about how water safety and how the Coast Guards help our community.

He taught us about life jackets and different types of life jackets there are, also why it is so important that life jackets fit us.

Kainoa from K3W and a few people from K2 helped Mr Griggs show everyone why it is so important that a life jacket fits you.

We even got the Coast Guards to say Hello to Reremoana on their radio!

Thank you so much for coming in! We are going to have to write about what we learnt tomorrow.

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