Monday, 30 October 2017

Awards and Celebrations

Awards and PB4L Certificates

This week our PB4L was to be respectful by using our manners.

Although there were so many candidates the people who really stood out from K3 this week were, Jacob and Olivia from K3A and from K3W, Paige and Alex!

Well done Guys!

Our Language of Learning Certificates went to Juan from K3W for working well with others and accepting everyones ideas and Kaden from K3A!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Helping our community: The Coast Guard

Mr Griggs showing us how we can keep our
 electronics safe when we are on a boat!

Putting on the right life jacket
We have been learning about how people help our community. What they do that make our community a safer and nicer place.

Today Mr Griggs came into Reremoana to talk to us about how water safety and how the Coast Guards help our community.

He taught us about life jackets and different types of life jackets there are, also why it is so important that life jackets fit us.

Kainoa from K3W and a few people from K2 helped Mr Griggs show everyone why it is so important that a life jacket fits you.

We even got the Coast Guards to say Hello to Reremoana on their radio!

Thank you so much for coming in! We are going to have to write about what we learnt tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand came into Reremoana to talk to the Kiwi team about how they do Good for the community. We learnt about how they have a Green Plan where they recycle the rubbish from their flight. The amount of rubbish they recycle is the same weight as 18 elephants!

Wow that's a lot of rubbish!

We learnt so many things about Air New Zealand and some people even got to strut their stuff on the Reremoana catwalk! Then we did a lolly relay - class against class...well done K3A! Who were the lolly runner winners!


Fatimah showing off her Henna Tattoo while Keisha and Haru
 work on their Diwali activities
Thank you to Mrs Gopi and Ms. Alee for coming in and giving us Henna Tattoos. We had a fabulous time and we were so excited to show everyone. K3 really enjoyed having you and want to thank you sharing Diwali Henna Tattoos with us!

We learnt that Diwali was a festival in India where they celebrate good triumphing over evil. I wonder what stories we'll be able to write tomorrow about Good Vs. Bad.

The Fidget Spinner Muddler

Tamsyn, Tayla, Aaliyah and Payton working on the last clue. So close girls! We had a page with all of our suspects and ...