Friday, 29 September 2017


What a fantastic time we had at the at Science in a Van. We learnt so many new things! We had bubbles fly over our head and learnt about how if our bubble has helium in it it will float because of the density of the air and helium.

We went back to class and talked about how the dots (molecules) in helium were further apart then the molecules in air so our bubble floated.

Talk to your Mum and Dad about what you loved most about the science van.

Celebrations and Awards

This week and the week priors PB4L winners! Apologies about posting this late, I had a few technical difficulties with the photos.

Our Focus for week 8 was Doing Good by helping others.
K3 again had many amazing helpers who go above and beyond, so we had such a hard choice.

Our PB4L winner for week 8 was Brooklyn and Tayla-Jade from K3W and Kaden and Brody from K3A. Fantastic job guys.

Our Language of Learning Awards went to Nathan and Anaru.

Week 9 our fantastic PB4L winners were Kathy and Jacob from K3A and Alex and Reef. Congratulations guys.

Our Language of Learning went to Nathan and Ashton for reflecting and showing resilience.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Celebrations and Awards

We had many awards given out this week. Some of our amazing students from K3 who received awards were...

Our PB4L award winners this week from K3 were Tamsyn (K3W), Peyton (K3A), Isaac (K3W), Mathew (K3A).

Our Student of the Month Award winners who have been really hard in class this month were Kathy (K3A) and Tayla-Jade (K3W).

Our LOL (Language of Learning) awards went to Giovani (K3W) and Fatima (K3A) who had been showing amazing resilience and Giovani who had making connections in his learning during to week. This has really helped with their learning. Great work guys!
Kathy and Tayla-Jade from K3 got Student of the month! Well done Girls!!!

Aimes Hip Hop

Aimes games Hip Hop

K3 went to go and see the Reremoana School Hip Hop team preform a dance that they are going to do at the Aimes Games. It was great being able to watch them perform and get them to teach us how to dance!

Good Luck Girls

Maths in K3

Liam and Naren matching fractions cards

Naren using the cards to help him create shape
We have worked really hard to identify thirds, fourths
and halves.
K3W has been looking at different ways you can identify these fractions!

We have been using our knowledge of shapes and symmetry to help us understand halves of a shape.

Making shapes can be a lot a fun, but when we only have an aerial, side or frontal view it can get a little tricky!

Great job K3W, we have started exploring what shapes we can make with the information we have been given!

Isaac using a geo-reflector to help him draw the other half
of his shape.

K3 have been looking at fractions and geometry. We have been using geo-reflectors to help us understand symmetry, symmetrical shapes and asymmetrical shapes.

The Fidget Spinner Muddler

Tamsyn, Tayla, Aaliyah and Payton working on the last clue. So close girls! We had a page with all of our suspects and ...