Monday, 28 August 2017

Celebrations and Awards

Back: Amber (K3A), Naren (K3W)
Front: Hana (K3A), Aaliyah (K3W)
Well Done Xavier (K3W) and Bentley (K3A)

This week we are celebrating Xavier and Bentley's success in their learning. Xavier received the resilience award for working so hard in his reading at school and being so in his learning. Bentley also received the resilience award for all his hard work in K3A. Awesome work boys!

Our PB4L focus this week was to focus on our learning. When we are on the mat and during our learning time we need to remember to move away from people who distract us, make good learning choices and ignoring people that could distract us. Our PB4L Superstars for this week are Amber and Hana from K3A, and Naren and Aaliyah from K3W.

There have already been a few amazing students in K3W who have moved away from distractions and really concentrated on their learning today! Fantastic work K3W

The last celebration is K3W won Cuddles the Kiwi again this week in our assembly for being respectful. K3W is on a roll, Keep up the great work guys!

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