Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Awards for this week

Back: Tate, Kainoa
Front: Hayley, Tina


This week our PB4L focus was to do good by avoiding distractions while we are learning. We learnt about different strategies we can do if someone distracts us during our learning time.

K3 had many amazing and focused students, however we could only give out 4 for all of K3. Tate (K3A), Kainoa (K3W), Hayley (K3W) and Tina (K3A) were exceptional at focusing on their learning last week! Well done guys.

Language of Learning

2 students from K3 had been given Language of Learning awards. Keisha received a Creative award for thinking outside the box and solving problems in Technology and Fatimah received a Reflect award for thinking about her learning and where she could go next. Great Job Guys!

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