Friday, 3 November 2017

The Fidget Spinner Muddler

Tamsyn, Tayla, Aaliyah and Payton working on the last clue.
So close girls!
We had a page with all of our suspects and we had to use our Mathematician and Detective skills to eliminate different names till we found our suspect.

We had 6 clues, which we had to use our tens and ones knowledge, measurement knowledge, basic facts knowledge and times table/skip counting knowledge to help us answer the question and get our clues.

Nirtika and Haru are using their 10s and 1s knowledge
 Tell your parents who you discovered was the Fidget Spinner Muddler!

Paige and Kathy are trying using their tables
 and skip counting knowledge
Brody and Jacob with the name of our
 Fidget Spinner Muddler 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Awards and Celebrations

Awards and PB4L Certificates

This week our PB4L was to be respectful by using our manners.

Although there were so many candidates the people who really stood out from K3 this week were, Jacob and Olivia from K3A and from K3W, Paige and Alex!

Well done Guys!

Our Language of Learning Certificates went to Juan from K3W for working well with others and accepting everyones ideas and Kaden from K3A!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Helping our community: The Coast Guard

Mr Griggs showing us how we can keep our
 electronics safe when we are on a boat!

Putting on the right life jacket
We have been learning about how people help our community. What they do that make our community a safer and nicer place.

Today Mr Griggs came into Reremoana to talk to us about how water safety and how the Coast Guards help our community.

He taught us about life jackets and different types of life jackets there are, also why it is so important that life jackets fit us.

Kainoa from K3W and a few people from K2 helped Mr Griggs show everyone why it is so important that a life jacket fits you.

We even got the Coast Guards to say Hello to Reremoana on their radio!

Thank you so much for coming in! We are going to have to write about what we learnt tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand came into Reremoana to talk to the Kiwi team about how they do Good for the community. We learnt about how they have a Green Plan where they recycle the rubbish from their flight. The amount of rubbish they recycle is the same weight as 18 elephants!

Wow that's a lot of rubbish!

We learnt so many things about Air New Zealand and some people even got to strut their stuff on the Reremoana catwalk! Then we did a lolly relay - class against class...well done K3A! Who were the lolly runner winners!


Fatimah showing off her Henna Tattoo while Keisha and Haru
 work on their Diwali activities
Thank you to Mrs Gopi and Ms. Alee for coming in and giving us Henna Tattoos. We had a fabulous time and we were so excited to show everyone. K3 really enjoyed having you and want to thank you sharing Diwali Henna Tattoos with us!

We learnt that Diwali was a festival in India where they celebrate good triumphing over evil. I wonder what stories we'll be able to write tomorrow about Good Vs. Bad.

Friday, 29 September 2017


What a fantastic time we had at the at Science in a Van. We learnt so many new things! We had bubbles fly over our head and learnt about how if our bubble has helium in it it will float because of the density of the air and helium.

We went back to class and talked about how the dots (molecules) in helium were further apart then the molecules in air so our bubble floated.

Talk to your Mum and Dad about what you loved most about the science van.

Celebrations and Awards

This week and the week priors PB4L winners! Apologies about posting this late, I had a few technical difficulties with the photos.

Our Focus for week 8 was Doing Good by helping others.
K3 again had many amazing helpers who go above and beyond, so we had such a hard choice.

Our PB4L winner for week 8 was Brooklyn and Tayla-Jade from K3W and Kaden and Brody from K3A. Fantastic job guys.

Our Language of Learning Awards went to Nathan and Anaru.

Week 9 our fantastic PB4L winners were Kathy and Jacob from K3A and Alex and Reef. Congratulations guys.

Our Language of Learning went to Nathan and Ashton for reflecting and showing resilience.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Celebrations and Awards

We had many awards given out this week. Some of our amazing students from K3 who received awards were...

Our PB4L award winners this week from K3 were Tamsyn (K3W), Peyton (K3A), Isaac (K3W), Mathew (K3A).

Our Student of the Month Award winners who have been really hard in class this month were Kathy (K3A) and Tayla-Jade (K3W).

Our LOL (Language of Learning) awards went to Giovani (K3W) and Fatima (K3A) who had been showing amazing resilience and Giovani who had making connections in his learning during to week. This has really helped with their learning. Great work guys!
Kathy and Tayla-Jade from K3 got Student of the month! Well done Girls!!!

Aimes Hip Hop

Aimes games Hip Hop

K3 went to go and see the Reremoana School Hip Hop team preform a dance that they are going to do at the Aimes Games. It was great being able to watch them perform and get them to teach us how to dance!

Good Luck Girls

Maths in K3

Liam and Naren matching fractions cards

Naren using the cards to help him create shape
We have worked really hard to identify thirds, fourths
and halves.
K3W has been looking at different ways you can identify these fractions!

We have been using our knowledge of shapes and symmetry to help us understand halves of a shape.

Making shapes can be a lot a fun, but when we only have an aerial, side or frontal view it can get a little tricky!

Great job K3W, we have started exploring what shapes we can make with the information we have been given!

Isaac using a geo-reflector to help him draw the other half
of his shape.

K3 have been looking at fractions and geometry. We have been using geo-reflectors to help us understand symmetry, symmetrical shapes and asymmetrical shapes.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Inquiry - Technology

Inquiry Survey

Today K3W went around to the Pukeko Team to ask a few questions about a product they want to sell at Gala. 

A group went to Room 11, 12, 13 and 14 to ask everyone if they would buy our product and what colours they would like their slime to be.

We were learning to collect information

To do this we needed to:
- ask a group of people questions
- record what people said
- say our questions in a clear voice

K3W did a fantastic job and had to concentrate so they remembered to look at the people they were speaking so everyone could hear them. 
We had a few very interesting responses and I think it will are going to have a lot of information we have collected.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Celebrations and Awards

Back: Amber (K3A), Naren (K3W)
Front: Hana (K3A), Aaliyah (K3W)
Well Done Xavier (K3W) and Bentley (K3A)

This week we are celebrating Xavier and Bentley's success in their learning. Xavier received the resilience award for working so hard in his reading at school and being so in his learning. Bentley also received the resilience award for all his hard work in K3A. Awesome work boys!

Our PB4L focus this week was to focus on our learning. When we are on the mat and during our learning time we need to remember to move away from people who distract us, make good learning choices and ignoring people that could distract us. Our PB4L Superstars for this week are Amber and Hana from K3A, and Naren and Aaliyah from K3W.

There have already been a few amazing students in K3W who have moved away from distractions and really concentrated on their learning today! Fantastic work K3W

The last celebration is K3W won Cuddles the Kiwi again this week in our assembly for being respectful. K3W is on a roll, Keep up the great work guys!

Friday, 25 August 2017

K3W at Tip Top

K3W in front of an old Tip Top Truck - we were told it only went 35km so all the delicious Ice-Cream melted. Do you remember what happened to the Ice-Cream that was shiny?

The Kiwi team went to Tip Top today and had such a great time. We got to see inside the factory and Vanilla Ice-Cream being made, we also got to smell different flavours and guess what flavours the smell were.

We went on a tour around the factory first, got to choose a delicious ice-cream to eat and even saw a batch of bad ice-cream being looked at.

Then we were able to play on the Tip-Top play ground after we ate our morning tea. What was your favourite part of the trip?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Friday came to school

Friday the baby Lamb

On Monday we were lucky enough to have Friday the lamb come visit us before our PB4L assembly. We learnt about what lambs eat and drink and responsibility. When you are looking after a baby lamb you need to make sure you clean up after her and feed her. It was great to see and her the kids talk about responsibilities they have at home.

Awards for this week

Back: Tate, Kainoa
Front: Hayley, Tina


This week our PB4L focus was to do good by avoiding distractions while we are learning. We learnt about different strategies we can do if someone distracts us during our learning time.

K3 had many amazing and focused students, however we could only give out 4 for all of K3. Tate (K3A), Kainoa (K3W), Hayley (K3W) and Tina (K3A) were exceptional at focusing on their learning last week! Well done guys.

Language of Learning

2 students from K3 had been given Language of Learning awards. Keisha received a Creative award for thinking outside the box and solving problems in Technology and Fatimah received a Reflect award for thinking about her learning and where she could go next. Great Job Guys!

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tip-Top Trip

Can you believe that we only have 4 more sleeps til we go to the Tip Top Factory and 7 more sleeps for K3W and K3A. We are all very excited about going especially the teachers. :)  

Friday 25th (K2P, K3W and K3A) 

Parents and students, please remember ...

  • to be at school on time as we need to leave straight away
  • to wear covered shoes
  • have a packed lunch and a water bottle 
  • bring a raincoat and jumper 
  • bring your lovely manners to school 

Please pay if you haven't already via the online shop, direct internet transfer, cash or at the office. 

Thanks to all those lovely parents who volunteered to help. We were overwhelmed with the support we were given however we could only take a limited number. Please don't let this stop you in the future. 

Awards Winners

Award Winners

We had many awards given out this week. Some of our amazing students from K3 who received awards were...

Our PB4L award winners this week from K3 were Alex (K3W), Miami (K3A), Emma (K3W), Huru (K3A).

Our Quick60 award winners who have been really hard on their writing were Tamsyn and Brooklyn (K3W).

Our LOL (Language of Learning) awards went to Tayla (K3W) and Aaron (K3A) who had been showing amazing resilience during to week which really helped their learning. Great work guys!

Maths in K3

Maths Week

This week we have been focusing on fractions, shape identification and place value. K3 have been working really hard to divide pizzas', create monsters out of different shapes and working collaborative to solve maths equations.

We have had such a successful week learning about halves, quarters and thirds, as well as looking at shapes and the objects you can make from the shapes.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

K3W's Volcanic Explosions

K3W made a volcano last week and discussed what they could see and what was happening when we put each of the ingredients into the cone.

K3W described the volcano and the lava we made, playing with adjectives and building on from what their peers had said. They needed to explain why they used that particular adjective to develop their vocabulary comprehension then write about what happened...

Friday, 26 May 2017

Folk Dancing with our Buddy Class Room 17

Today K3A met with their Buddy Class to try out some classic Folk Dancing! We had so much fun and it definitely brought back some memories for the teachers!

The Fidget Spinner Muddler

Tamsyn, Tayla, Aaliyah and Payton working on the last clue. So close girls! We had a page with all of our suspects and ...